We love our Single Serving Sound Sites (hello, Rosie!), so naturally we were upset when we heard one of our very favorites has gone missing! The "Instant Fail," or "sad trombone from The Price Is Right" (which, incidentally, you can hear every time a contestant answers a question incorrectly on The Urly Show's tl;dr quiz) is GONE! VANISHED!

According to The Pacdude Network, Fremantle Media e-mailed the webmaster directly with an online version of a cease-and-desist (a nasty e-mail threatening legal action because the site doesn't have the license to post the sound effect). Well, Pacdude isn't taking this issue lightly! As of this writing, the site needs a donation upwards of $209 to acquire the license to keep that button running. And if you're not willing to fork over some cold, hard e-cash (that's a thing, right?), then you have the option to call Fremantle and complain at 213-281-2244 or 818-748-1100.

Sorry, Fremantle, but you're f'ing with the wrong internet. As was once said in some movie, the price is wrong, b*tches!