matty rossWell these adorable lil' so-and-so's ain't much bigger'n a corn nubbin, but that didn't stop them from dressin' as pigtailed cutie-pies to audition for the role of True Grit's feisty vigilante, Matty Ross.

And they're still all over YouTube. I'm happy that Hailee Steinfeld got the part, but it won't stop me from appreciating this weird internet phenomenon.

She's among the younger auditionees, but Abby Stanger holds her own. She rarely looks up from the script though. NEXT.

Meet Mariah, who proffers a very "Oh no you di-in't" rendition with a dash of "U Mad."

This is Stephanie Weise. Her interpretation of the dialogue is awfully sassy. Quite a departure from Hailee's acting in the film. She gets extra points for pigtails though.

This anonymous young lady filmed scenes outside a log cabin and also wears a straw hat. It's the little things.

Carrie Nettles (Carry Nettles!) brought a live horse into her audition tape. Lots of yelling! Drama!

Julie Sufana is my favorite. Her facial expressions are more serious rather than smart-alecky. She nails this scene, though I'm not sure why she ended up using this scene when everyone else did the dialogue with the horse trader. And of course she's a bit old.