When the BBC made a documentary about polar bears in the wild, they decided to disguise their hidden cameras so that they were as "unobstrusive and resilient" as possible. Cool in theory, but it turns out polar bears don't really care how speedy your camera on skis is, they just want to smoosh it and see if there's anything edible inside.

Pretty much every camera the crew deployed got destroyed, and they came with a bunch of cameras -- by land, by sea, glued to a rock like a Star Wars gun turret. So much ~*~imagination~*~ for a few seconds of footage before the bears' predatory instincts kicked in.

Watching this is a lot like watching WALL-E, because the cameras are cute, only instead of crying like a five-year-old you're lol-ing and "D'aww"-ing because baby polar bears are fuzzy and omg the snowball robot.

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