event horizon websiteYesterday we discovered that the official movie site for Warner Brothers' Space Jam was just sitting around on the internet like it was no big thing. This inspired me to search for other ancient official movie sites from 1997-ish. When I couldn't find a live URL, I just used the Wayback Machine to pull up an archive. I hope your browser has the latest version of the Shockwave plugin.

It was an interesting time in Hollywood, when every producer was like, "We gotta get on that Information Super Highway" so they'd throw up a couple flash games, free desktop wallpapers, or low-res streaming interviews. This was before Google, so no one was desiging sites with an eye for search engines, and user-experience best practices were virtually nonexistent. Even the webby lingo had yet to be codified, so you'll see verbiage like "Web Zone," "Digizine" and "eChat."

Men In Black

Highlights: "Men in Black on Videocassette," a counter bar displaying "Seconds since Men in Black has appeared in theaters," an interactive Flash game where you choose weapons (the Noisy Cricket!) and solve a mystery.


Highlights: Touring the ship via Flash, the tiled background on the intro page, a virtual tour of the Titanic wreckage.

Air Bud

Highlights: This, this, and this.

Event Horizon

Highlights: This massive wall of text on every page.

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

Highlights: The obnoxious intro page seen above, this pleading call for feedback. ("For example, did you notice that we incorporated Sonya's 'kiss of death' fatality while trying to give it a rational explanation? We did that with other special moves, did you notice that? Do you like it?")


Highlights: So many Flash games, a little video that plays with an anchorman talking about how the Miracle Mile should be called "The Meltdown Mile."