urkelThe principal at Westside Middle School in Memphis, Tennessee and I share something in common: confusion by way of saggy pants. Granted, Principal Bobby White is dealing with pre-pubescent boys rebelling through fashion, whereas I'm just boggled by where...things...hang.

Mere months after Urkelesque -- when our site was bombed by the 90s sitcom phenem himself -- Steve Urkel is making waves yet again, this time at Westside Middle School, where boys are "Urkelized" after being caught sporting pants slung so low that they expose way too much underwear. As punishment, the boys' pants are then hiked up high, a la Urkel, and "fastened with twist ties" before their picture is tacked onto the Wall of Shame. Teachers and staff get trophies for this. Actual trophies.

Let this be a lesson to all you young'ins in 2011: Moose knuckle is the new diaper sag.