A recent survey of 4chan, conducted by the user genkouhande, has been decried by 4chan founder Christopher "moot" Poole as "total garbage."

The poll - which even Moot agrees was really conducted, if not scientifically - covers things like demographics and sexual habits, and it does seem to confirm a lot of stereotypes about the site's audience. It says they're young, white and into pornography, and that they generally feel new users on 4chan are a bad thing. It also shows that 4chan users spend most of their time on the notorious "random" board, /b/, ignoring the site's 48 other boards.

Because this poll, total garbage or not, seems so spot-on when it comes to stereotyping 4chan users, we decided to conduct a few of our own extremely fake polls. We've made up our own results that reenforce what you already knew about popular websites like Yelp, Etsy and even YouPorn.

urlesque fake user polls of etsy yelp deviantart somethingawful and youporn