aww yea guyHave you seen this guy hanging around Reddit or 4chan? He's Aww Yea guy, or "AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW YYYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA guy" depending on how faithful you want to be to the image.

He represents immense satisfaction and looks like a corrupt Columbian dictator who just recieved a suitcase full of fat stacks. Mostly he's got money or something else raining down on him as he guffaws in self-satisfied glee.

Aww Yea guy is part of a series of Ragetoons that started on 4chan and have attained new life on Reddit. Reddit's fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu Subreddit is home to thousands of these comics built around ragetoon characters like Rage Guy and Trollface. For whatever reason, his head-thrown-back belly laughter coupled with the "make it rain" cash falling around him kills me almost every time. These comics are all about celebrating life's little unexpected windfalls.

After the jump, nine of my favorite iterations of the meme.