alex blaggIn this week's special edition of The Urly Show, Kelly and Eliot sit down with Alex Blagg, the web prodigy, enterpreneur, hyprid digital techspert, social strat supergenius media guru, and the webmaster behind A Bajillion Hitz, where he doles out advice plucked from his inner tree of knowledge about everything internet.

Alex knows everything about digital landscape, which is why he's been called everything from "the Stephen Colbert of New Media" to "social media douchebag" (name-calling comes with the territory when you carry around as much strategic weight as Blagg does).

Watch and listen as Alex blows Kelly and Eliot's respectvive minds. If you think you know how to navigate the webosphere, think again. It's Alex Blagg's turn.

Want more from Alex? Check out A Bajillion Hits!

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