In the 80s, the holidays meant more, especially holiday photos. Without fancy digital cameras you had to drop your precious film off at a little hut in the mall parking lot and sometime after New Years, if you were lucky, you got your result: pure holiday satisfaction on film.

Check out who was naughty and nice way back when in these 14 photos of children opening their 1980s Christmas gifts.

Matt was shocked by the racial epithets hurled by Wisecracking ALF. (via mattonfire)

Remember when Christmas rolled around and it was kind of disappointing because maybe you got some, but not ALL of the things on your list? Well, that never happened to Adrienne, losers. (via Adrienne)

Gina got everything you wanted that year. (via ginalafleur)

No, it's not a dream. It's a dream house. (via jessica)

Everything the Shellen brothers need to start their own crappy open mic. (via flickr/shellen)

The day Paul stopped hunting girls, and started hunting ducks. (via bennettmedia)

A top secret Hannukah at the Phillips house. (via halphillips)

Good luck with that, Jennifer. (via jennifer)

Sarah ain't 'fraid of no ghosts. (via speculatonsandruminations)

Can a spider enjoy Christmas? (via Ken Reid)

Make new Glo-friends but keep the old... (via Ani-Bee Flickr)

The great Cabbage Patch explosion of 1989 (via imremembering)

Girl-crush! (via imremembering)

What do you get the girl who has everything? Pants. (via colormeblah)

Hillary Buckholtz is editor of the nostalgia website I'm Remembering!