Welcome to 'Feat of the Week,' in which our pals over at the Universal Record Database (where everyone can set a world record) hand-select one awesome world record to highlight.

Ten Holiday TraditionsWhen the holidays roll around, two distinct types of people emerge: those who calmly go about their shopping, decorating and card mailing with time to spare, and those who make a frenzied attempt to complete a month's worth of errands in a single day. For the latter types -- who comprise approximately 94 per cent of the population, according to anecdotal evidence -- holidays are fraught with the pressure of unrealistic expectations and the desire to throttle any street musician who dares sing the opening notes of Jingle Bells.

Despair ye not, stressheads, for there is hope at hand. Patrick Sauer and Auggie Smith have come up with a way to condense the holidays into a neat, sub-three-minute commemoration. On December 1, the duo set the URDB world record for the Fastest Time To Partake In Ten Holiday Traditions. The multi-denominational smorgasbord of celebration included a gift exchange, the decoration of a Christmas tree, the lighting of a menorah and the sacred viewing of the Snoopy Christmas special. Watch the video to see all 10.

To break this record, would-be speed-celebrators just need to pick 10 holiday traditions -- and we're talking any holiday -- and take part in all of them in under two minutes, 36.89 seconds. Frenzied New Year's kisses, express Easter egg dyeing and hugging a sapling in honor of Japanese Greenery Day are just a few of the options on offer. Get cracking!