Let's say you've created an homage to the holiday season on your lawn, but your next door neighbor has plastered his house with tacky artifacts a la Clark Griswold. He's got lights, trees, plastic Santas, inflatable snowglobes and a nativity scene overflowing with extraneous characters. How can you outdo this flashy display? By synchronizing thousands of bulbs with 'Amazing Grace,' 'Carol of the Bells' or Reel to Reel's 1994 hit 'I Like to Move It.' And while your neighbor gapes at your lawn, you're sitting on the sidelines recording the scene for YouTube.

If this hypothetical situation sounds familiar, you'll enjoy this compilation of tacky Christmas light displays, as seen above.

Featuring videos from: the17thman | moautube806 | sreinhold | oneagleswings0808 | davidscoville | TheWeeShow | Tater314 | jeffostroff | trykoski | michaellohrweb