bookNot that parents are lining up across the country for Kindles and Nooks, but this video of a kid receiving a real, live book for Christmas and throwing a tantrum is a sign of the times, to say the least. He's all, Really? A book with a story where you have to read and turn the pages yourself? Really, Mom and Dad? You took the time to wrap this sh*t?

You can't really blame the kid, though. We've all been there, right? I'll never forget the eighth night of Hanukkah, 1990, when I ripped off shiny wrapping paper to find -- to my surprise and utter disappointment -- a set of magnets. I was all, Really? Magnets, some of which stick together and others that push each other away? You took the time to wrap this sh*t?

I get it, kid. It's iPad season, and a page-turner ain't gonna cut it.

P.S. Do they make those pajamas for adults? WANT.

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