dogfortThis (Photoshopped) image of a dog in a pillow fort went viral some months ago, but a recent comic featuring him and another photo of a corgi wearing a lobster costume has inspired hundreds of goofy comics starring dogs in a war on cats.

They wear vaguely military-related gear and speak in military radio lingo (Coordinates recieved, you've got a bogey on your six, etc.). Most of the comics derive humor from juxtaposing dramatic action movie cliches with how goofy animals look when dressed up like people.

There is now a blog dedicated to Dog Fort comics and a page on Reddit (or subreddit), where the meme was solidified. These subreddits are places for niche humor and injokes thrive. Ragetoons have a subreddit, and Dog Fort's just one of the latest memes to be born there. After the jump, the comic that started it all, and a few of my favorites.

The one that started it all:

LOL Julian Assange:

Sometimes the dogs are at war with cats, but not always:

As the comics become more popular, more animal-related images are integrated into the comic's universe: