It looks like some clever chaps and chapettes out there have found a way to exploit Facebook's new profile display for artistic purposes (and sometimes hilarity).

There are guides on the web that tell you how to create these awesome Facebook profile hacks, so after you're done browsing through these amazing profile-picture creations, don't be afraid to try it yourself!

The Human Centipede - an instant classic.

Oudin was the first to hit upon this craze, and the first to use it to creep people out.

The Rick Roll lives to fight another day...

You just got Facepunk'd.

Enhues takes the trend to Flickr.

Followpics follows suit with Twitter. Run, Pacman, run!

Not creepy at all.


A gluttonous profile.

Imma chargin' mah laser.

Is this (sentence) self-relexive?

Who the hell is that woman he hates so much?

Bender invades Facebook.

Taking the craze lying down.

Page's page amazes.

The character so nice we included him twice.

Profile of disapproval. Is this a subtle comment on Facebook's privacy policy?

Hanging around a friend's profile.

Kim Jong-Il much?

Check your messages, Jon.


Check out a tutorial to try the Facebook profile hacks yourself!