family tech support guyThis recent character has been popping up on 4chan lately. He's known as Family Tech Support Guy, and he's a reluctant college student who came home for Christmas only to find a host of computer-related questions from the family, all so trivial and beneath him that he can only respond with reluctance and disdain.

I just had a sad thought: This goateed fellow is probably a dying breed. Most people having kids right now are pretty tech savvy. My generation might be the last one that will be able to lord their technical prowess over their parents, dispensing pithy remarks and saving the annual Christmas slideshow ("OK now put it back on 'AUX.' You have to point the remote at the DVD Player, not the TV. Gosh Dad, just let me do it.") in a single bound.

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Note: On Windows computer, the Add-Remove Programs folder often fills up with spammy toolbars and other gunk if you don't know how to uninstall things properly. So there's that joke.

And a template, so you can make your own:

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