reading chart of popular websites according to googleGoogle recently added a reading level filter to its advanced search features, ranking every webpage with a reading level of "basic," "intermediate," or "advanced." That means we can now compare the reading levels of popular websites, as rated by Google.

The Huffington Post now has more traffic than the New York Times, but which is smarter? Can we settle the Engadget vs. Gizmodo argument once and for all? Is I Can Has Cheezburger smarter than a 5th grader? We've answered these questions with an infographic called "Reading Levels of Popular Websites (According to Google)," which you can check out below.

Google can also look at entire blogging platforms. Where do the wordiest nerds blog? It's easy to find out by comparing blogs hosted on Tumblr, Blogger and Of course, each of these sites hosts a wide range of bloggers, but we can make some generalizations. We put those on the chart, too.

Don't get too hung up on these numbers, though, because Google hasn't explained how it calculates reading levels. Who knows how grandiloquent one's proclamations must be to merit an "advanced" rating? We don't, that's for sure: Urlesque is 77% basic.

urlesque chart of website reading levels according to google