On Thursday night it seemed like all of Twitter was playing the hashtag game "#fatindiebands." Participants tweet jokes about hypothetically overweight musicians.

The game was started around 5pm PST by comedians in Los Angeles. The easily replicable formula took off, and to the ire of body image activists, these fat jokes became a trending term within an hour.

(Can we still call these fat indie bands "indie" if millions of people are talking about them?)

@EdASalazar: Neutral Whole Milk Hotel #fatindiebands

: Dinosaur Carl's Jr #fatindiebands

@swi2u: Florence and the Popcorn Machine #fatindiebands

These tweets are all very funny, but they pale in comparison to my tweet. Mine is the funniest, most indie, and definitely the winner of this entire hash-tag game.

@joshuaheller: Avi Buffalo Wings #fatindiebands

But a simple search reveals that dozens of people came up with the exact same joke. Sadface.

Infinite monkeys on typewriters came up with countless versions of "MSGMT", "The xxL", "Bon Bon Iver", "The Chins", and even "Pjörk."

We are no longer the exceptional indivduals our parents told us we were...

Once our individuality fades away, we reach a transcendent moment where we realize that so many people are just like us. The internet is full of best friends we've never met. And that makes me feel way better than winning a hash-tag game.

Or at very least I found some free entertainment on a Thursday night.