'In 25 Years' started out as a small video time capsule project between a group of five friends in LA, but when they made a website and saw the amount of interest there was from people all over the world (over 250 requests to join during their first 24 hours alone), they decided to open the time capsule up to everyone.

Submitting is easy: you just make a video of yourself and upload it to a site like YouTube or Vimeo, then fill out the special submission form along with any written message you have for your future self and hit "submit." Then, on December 20, 2010, the people behind the project are going to save all of the videos and letters onto an external hard drive (and back up the data on DVDs), and bury it underground where it will stay until the unveiling/viewing party in 2035 (date/location TBD).

There are already a bunch of videos uploaded to their YouTube channel, and you can learn more by looking at their intro trailer after the jump.

And for any Urlbots in the LA area who want to get involved in a really easy way, there will be a time capsule booth this coming weekend [December 11 + 12] at Unique LA and everyone is welcome to show up and record a message to their 2035 selves!

(Make sure you let us know if you submit your own videos! We want to see!).