This is it: the big show, the whole enchilada, the grand finale, the final countdown ... it's the Meme of the Year. These nominees have been all over your internets, your TVs and even your newspapers (remember those?) in 2010. They've got a combined 80 gazillion views on YouTube, over 9000 parody images, one official halloween costume, and 8 World Cup victories between them.

So, who will be crowned the most pervasive, most addictive, most important meme of 2010? That's up to you, dear readers. Meet your nominees for Meme of the Year...

Antoine Dodson/Bed Intruder

Antoine Dodson went from the projects to the Billboard charts this year, after going on the local news to call out the man who attempted to rape his sister. His impassioned rant inspired catchphrases like, "Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife," "Well, obviously, we have a rapist in Lincoln Park," and "You are so dumb. Really really dumb."

Antoine also inspired the Gregory Brothers, of Auto-Tune the News fame, and they turned an Auto-Tuned version of his news speech into a song so popular that it cracked the Billboard Hot 100 through iTunes downloads alone. Antoine and the Gregory Bros. split the profits, allowing Mr. Dodson and his family to move on up and out of the projects. A true internet success story!

Double Rainbow Meme

Double Rainbow

The simple beauty of nature overwhelmed the whole internet this year when a rainbow made a burly mountain man cry, while the rest of us just looked on via YouTube. Paul "YosemiteBear" Vasquez spotted a double rainbow, and it was "oh my god, so intense" that he couldn't contain his wonder. He didn't know at the time that he would land on late night talk shows, get a Microsoft endorsement deal and be interviewed by Urlesque.

The Gregory Brothers, this year's kingmakers of the internet, also gave Double Rainbow Guy a huge boost with one of their famous auto-tuned remixes. Parodies soon followed, inspiring us to post a montage of all the Double Rainbow-related videos that starting popping up. This is more than a meme: it's a story about how simple man and a rainbow came to mean so much more to all of us.

p.s.: Bear swears he wasn't high. (During that video, anyway.)

Magnets ICP meme

"Magnets, How Do They Work?"/ Insane Clown Posse, 'Miracles' Music Video

Speaking of innocent relationships between man and nature, the Insane Clown Posse expanded their real-world fame into meme territory with their video, 'Miracles.' Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J offer a childlike awe at natural phenomena, including, most famously, "F---ing magnets."

"F---ing magnets, how do they work?" the clowns wondered, with perplexed looks on their faces. While they seemingly rejected any scientific explanation in the next line, "I don't wanna talk to a scientist / y'all motherf---ers lyin' and gettin' me pissed," we also had to consider the possibility that ICP may be smarter than we think. The song did receive a top-notch parody from Saturday Night Live, after all.

If Know Your Meme's theory about "Miracles" is true, ICP are really marketing geniuses, forcing a meme by writing intentionally mockable lyrics, and riding the internet backlash straight to publicity city.

Sad Keanu Meme

Sad Keanu

All Keanu Reeves had to do to become a meme was sit down on a bench and eat lunch. The internet did the rest. The now-famous photo of a forlorn-looking Keanu eating a sandwich on a bench became perhaps the most-Photoshopped image of the year. Sad Keanu even led to Cheer Up Keanu Day, a campaign to raise the actor's spirits by donating to causes he cares about.

After that, Sad Keanu was everywhere. No image was complete without him photobombing it or hiding in the background. Every time the meme threatened to sputter out, a new pic of Sad Keanu would appear to keep it going. Sad Keanu with helmet! Sad Keanu eating a cupcake! The possibilities seemed limitless.

One popular theory held that Keanu himself was perpetuating the meme by intentionally throwing sad looks at the paparazzi, but when he was eventually asked about it, the star admitted that he hadn't even seen the Sad Keanu images. Now the Sad Keanu image has taken on a second life as part of a cavalcade of photobombing movie stars, including Strutting Leo DiCaprio and Prancing Michael Cera.

Vuvuzela Memes


The vuvuzela, the cheap plastic horn whose infernal buzzing haunted every World Cup match of the summer, also managed to haunt the internet for a lot longer than anyone expected. While many soccer (excuse me, football) fans argued that the vuvu should be banned, the web embraced it.

We called it a mega-meme and posted tons of Photoshops and mashups. We even made our own video, where the vuvu's buzz drowns out other popular memes. YouTube and Google Maps got in on the fun. Even Hitler took a stance on the vuvuzela. But, can the Vuvuzela's buzz endure in our memories now that the World Cup in South Africa is long gone?

Honorable Mention: Bros Icing Bros

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