double dream handsDo you know what "Double Dream Hands" are? It's a dance move, as demonstrated by this guy, John Jacobson, who is apparently on break from his shift at Petco.

Just kidding, he's a real live choreographer, and he designed these moves for his song "Planet Rock," which can be found in a non-embeddable video (although available for free download!) at the very bottom of the list on his own web site, Music Express Magazine, "The Music Resource for Growing Minds."

Make sense? See, his site, which encompasses SO MANY MORE videos of John dancing, touts him as an "internationally recognized music educator and clinician." Okay, so we're going to ignore the whole "clinician" thing because it just sounds gross, and we'll focus on his being a music educator. If we're not mistaken, John Jacobson publishes an music education magazine for elementary school students and their educators, which would explain the outfit. The end?

Not quite yet. After the jump, check out the video of him performing Double Dream Hands, plus a few bonus gems that took ALL AFTERNOON:

BONUS: FUN WITH PHOTOSHOP! (You're very welcome!)