diddy gethardWhen we introduced you to comic, actor, writer, and well-intentioned provocateur Chris Gethard this year, we failed to mention one very important thing about him: he spearheaded a Twitter campaign to get P. Diddy Diddy Dirty Money to appear on his live, late night variety show at New York's Upright Citizens Brigade Theater using the hashtag #DiddyGethard. Things seemed to be moving in a positive direction, and Gethard even got help from Jimmy Fallon.

But the campaign seemed to sadly lose steam until -- a ha! -- this weekend, when Diddy appeared on Saturday Night Live, and Gethard swiftly approached him with a camera, live at 30 Rock. And Sean Combs not only made good on his promise, but he, ever the hyperactive multi-hyphenate, rabidly encouraged the campaign to be revitalized, so GET ON IT! Bring Diddy Doody Daddy to a theater below a grocery store in 2011!