Santacon (sometimes known as Santarchy) involves a bunch of grownups getting dressed up in Santa Claus suits and hitting the bars in dozens of major cities. Some of the costumes are pretty creative, and one Santa was so creative that she has to prove that photos of her costume are real.

Instead of the tradition red and white Santa suit, Desaturated Santa used a grey suit and some clever makeup to create the illusion that all the color had been sucked right out of her with Photoshop.

Apparently, that was too clever for some people, who saw pictures and assumed it really was a fake, done with Photoshop. To set the record straight, there's now a video showing Desaturated Santa walking around with other, full-color Santa Clauses. It's as cool as discovering that Santa himself is real.

Ironically, some folks might not want to show this vid to their kids, because it features a few, um, very merry Santas flipping the bird at the camera.