Another year has come and gone and it is time again to reflect on all the fine internet that has flown across our computer screens throughout 2010.
Welcome to the third annual Urlies, where we recap the year in internet culture -- from memes to videos to websites, and heck, Justin Bieber even got his very own category this year.

Before we announced our picks for the best of the web in 2010, we asked the Internet to cast votes to decide who or what made your web surfing worthwhile this year.

Here are this year's winners! Visit each individual category for more information on each winner and the other nominees. Congratulations to all winners and nominees and we hope to see loads more fun in 2011.

antoine dodson

Meme of the Year

Video of the Year

sad keanu

Biggest Facebook Trend of the Year

Celebrity Photoshop Meme of the Year

Justin Bieber Internet Thing of the Year

Paul the OctopusAnimal of the Year

Breakout of the Year

Coolest Web Kid of the Year

Greyson Chance

Best New Single Topic Blog of the Year

Hero of the Year

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