So a few days ago an absolutely absurd six minute video of dozens of where-are-they-now celebrities singing the Beatles' 'Let It Be' appeared on the internet on the wings of a strobing disco meme dove.

It was great because it used green screen technology to put the likes of Right Said Fred and Milli Vanilli alongside the late Leslie Nielsen on a romantic beach, and because the writing was in Norwegian you just had to assume it was to raise money for children in need or something.

Just as quickly, though, it was taken down from YouTube, and I couldn't quite figure out why. Who would rob us of Tonya Harding's singing? Jason Alexander's prayer hands?

Well it turns out the video is an ad for the fourth season of a Norwegian TV show called "Gylne tider" (Golden Times – commenter Paul says it's this "where are they now" show's ending song), and they attained the celebrity footage by being a little vague about what the video was for.

It seems that, at least in David Faustino (of "Married with Children" fame)'s case, the people at
Glyne Tider approached him on the red carpet and pitched the video project as something that was for a good cause, assumedly for charity.

If that's the case, then it would definitely explain why the video has been so hard to come by (and also how these people managed to get so many people to do an ad for their TV show), and it also means that the people over at Glyne Tider will probably have a lawsuit or two coming their way in the next few days.

I was able to hunt down a copy of the video, though, so enjoy it while it's still up.