Welcome to 'Feat of the Week,' in which our pals over at the Universal Record Database (where everyone can set a world record) hand-select one awesome world record to highlight.

Longest Group Run Into WallOne of Scouts Canada's key principles is "learning by doing". If scouts want to know how to survive in the great outdoors, they light a fire, break out the baked beans and make a bivouac. And if they want to learn what it feels like to run into a wall and fall down, they run into a wall and fall down.

28 brave young members of the 1st Richmond Hill Scout Troop and Cub Pack in Ontario have set a new URDB world record by doing just that. The boys lined up on an indoor basketball court and bolted toward the padded wall, sounding a war cry as they went. Here's how it all went down -- note the gradual audio transition from unbridled enthusiasm to "What just happened?"

Special mention goes to the scout on the left who ran across the gym at full pelt but got shut out of a collision spot on the wall. We saw your efforts, young man, and they were valiant. You and your troop have certainly earned your Human Crash Test Dummy badges.

Written by Ella Morton, a writer, actor and the host of Rocketboom NYC, a weekly web show about New York's vibrant people and places.