scott bealeThis week, Eliot, Kelly, and Nick were joined by internet legend Scott Beale of Laughing Squid.

Skyping in from Knoxville was Steve, a band teacher, which means he's, like, our very own Glee cast member!

To put it lightly, Scott Beale is one of the most influental bloggers out there, right alongside Jason Kottke and the Boing Boing crew -- the ultimate tastemakers on the intenret. Readers trust Scott's taste, and after our interview with the Man, Myth and Legend, it's easy to see why.

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Links for what we talked about this week:

From our tl;dr quiz:
  • Laughing Squid -- know it, learn it, love it (if you haven't already, which is unlikely)
  • Funny cat video alert: Cats playing Patty-Cake
  • tl;dr contestant Steve keeps both a blog and Twitter feed for the percussion program at William Blount High School, where he teaches
  • Steve's favorite local band (and a mainstay on Nick's iPod), "aristocrunk" pioneers Lord T & Eloise

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