atticusThis week, Eliot, Kelly, and Cole, were joined just in time for the holiday by Kelly's mom Maretta and Eliot's dog Atticus!

Skyping in from nearby Staten Island for the weekly tl;dr quiz was Craig, a writer for The Bachelor Bible.

We talked with Kelly's mom about how deep the internet runs in the Reeves family, and what it's like for Maretta to be a mom whose kids are so internet-savvy, specifically with a daughter who edits a blog about the internet!

Also, Atticus is restless.

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From our tl;dr quiz:
  • A supercut featured Oprah's audience members going nuts without breathing
  • Greyson Chance surprised the kids of the famed P.S. 22 chorus with a rendition of "Paparazzi"
  • Sarah Palin's daughter, Willow, presidentially took to Facebook to spurt gay slurs against h8rz
  • Watch Nicolas Cage lose his sh*t over and over and over again
  • Cookie Monster wants to be the next Betty White, making his own audition tape for Saturday Night Live

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