honeymoon testers30,000 couples applied, but Mark and Denise Duffield-Thomas won the chance to "test" more than one honeymoon locale following their initial nupitals. Winning "the ultimate job in the world" as the official Honeymoon Testers (funded by luxury wedding and honeymoon company Runaway Bride and Groom -- because, yes, there's a company for that, who knew?), the happy couple have already "tested" -- or been married in -- Bali, Spain, Zanzibar, New York, and Kenya. They're shooting for 80 locales, all detailed on their web site, blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Twitter feed.

Perhaps most amazing is that Mark and Denise aren't filming a nightmarish reality show for WEtv, but actually enjoying what is definitely the coolest wedding-slash-nevereneding fantasy honeymoon we can ever imagine (in fact, they've already broken the record by being married 85 times). Who needs a group dance procession when you've got a web site funding your circumnavigation of the globe? Internet, you win again.