kanye westIt's hard to remember when Kanye West didn't play an enormous role in the cultural zeitgeist. He's a star performer, a political jester, an artistic enigma, an unabashed bully, and -- closest to our hearts -- an avid (and crazy) Twitter user. His overuse of caps lock and often-berserk proclamations has landed him on the internet as the prime example of when celebrities reveal too much, or are just f*cking nuts.

There are two distinct generations, however, that remain blissfully unaware of Kanye's cuckoo tweets: babies and grandparents. And isn't it appropriate that there are clever videos illustrating both groups' misunderstanding of King Kanye's 140-character technodiarrhea?

Kids Reenact Kanye's Tweets:

Grandma Reads Kanye's Tweets:

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