jimmy wales staring on the staring contest wikipedia entry

Look into the eyes of Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. You are getting very sleepy. You want to donate all your money to a community-edited database that aims to collect the entirety of the world's knowledge.

Seriously, though: is Jimmy Wales staring at you just creepy, or does it actually make people want to give more money to Wikipedia? Turns out the Staring Jimmy ads work. Wikipedia released numbers showing that StareJimbo is getting over three times as many clickthroughs as the other ads they're running, and with larger donations.

And, as if that's not enough, there's a Jimmy Wales extension for Google's Chrome browser that adds a Jimmy banner to every webpage you visit. Even this one.

You are helpless under Jimmy's power. You are opening up your PayPal account ...

... and then you get distracted by the guy in the staring contest diagram whose head looks like a giant eggplant. Nobody could win a staring contest with that.

If you need the real antidote to Jimmy's powerful gaze, though, you can do what Urlbot Cole did, and throw in some good ol' herp derp. Even a noble cause like Wikipedia isn't immune to trolling.