super mamika aka grandma frederika age 91When a photographer named Sacha Goldberger realized his grandmother Frederika, age 91, was lonely and might be suffering from depression, he proposed an unusual course of therapy: a superhero photoshoot. "Super Mamika," as Frederika is now known, became an internet sensation thanks to the costumed photos, which show her in all kinds of exaggerated heroic poses. She's the grandma everyone wants to have, and she now has thousands of fans on MySpace.

Frederika is a hero in real life, too. Living in Hungary during World War II, she sheltered 10 Jewish people she knew from the Nazis. Later in her life, when Hungary was run by a communist regime, she fled to France under threat of execution. This is one granny who has definitely earned a superhero alter ego!

Below, check out some of the most awesome photos of Super Mamika.

Super Mamika on the Treadmill

Super Mamika's Super Diet

The Mamika-mobile