professor richard quinn didn't write his own exam questionsThe University of Central Florida cheating scandal we reported on last week, where 200 students apparently confessed to cheating on a exam after Professor Richard Quinn's moving speech about ethics, has taken an interesting turn. Some of the students Quinn says he caught cheating have taken to YouTube under the username "UCFscam" to argue that they weren't cheating at all, and that it's the professor who needs an ethics lesson.

The way the students allegedly cheated was by securing a test bank of questions from the publisher of their textbook, giving them all the answers to the possible test questions. The thing is, the students also have video of Prof. Quinn at the beginning of the semester, talking about creating his own exams, and even saying that he might accidentally include questions he couldn't answer. "Yeah, because you didn't write them!" say the students.

So, assuming the students believed the prof wrote his own exams, were they still cheating? Or were they just studying?