Lost LOLcatHas trolling spilled over into the world of "lost dog" flyers? If these signs are signs of the times, it seems so, sir. Don't take our word for it though; click through this list of hilarious lost signs and start thinking up your own ideas...

He looks hep.

I can has reward?

This genetic mutant could be worth millions.

How existential.

Fried or baked?

Reward will be paid in leprechaun gold.

Terror terrier.

Enter the Matrix.


Losing one's balls for less than a pound would be painful in more ways than one.

Unbearable loss.

Now that's meta.

Look at all those distinguishing features

Hard to miss.

What a silly haircut.

Pretty obvious why he didn't leave a phone number.

Maybe he's hanging with puppet Moses.

Fool's gold.

Ironic poster.


Name: Mr. Bitey.

Fair enough as far as rewards go.

That poor, cold upper lip.

He's firm about his floppy.


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