boxxy Remember Boxxy, the girl who took the internet (mostly Gaia, YouTube and 4chan's /b/ forum) by storm back in early 2009 with her ADD-fueled spasm of cutesy gibberish?

Well, she's back. Last night, she showed up on an anonymous imageboard called Unichan with a message encouraging people to... send her money?

Boxxy wanted to sell a bag on eBay. In order to drum up attention for the auction, she posted this photo on Unichan, an anonymous message board similar to 4chan. The photo included her PayPal info and a veiled invitation for the nerds of the internet to send her cash.

I can't decide if this is brilliant or foolish. On the one hand, she's going to make a ton of money. On the other, now they've got her home address from her eBay profile and may make her life miserable.

Here's a shot of her original eBay posting:

Over the last 24 hours, 4chan has gone to great lengths to prove that this girl is the real Boxxy. 4chan was ablaze last night with debate regarding the placement of her freckles and a scar in an effort to determine the authenticity of these new photos, like they're on an episode of CSI.

They've since launched "Operation Give to Boxxy Till it Hurts," an informal charge to 4chan users to send Boxxy cash via Paypal. One user says:
she came on unichan and posted several pics...even took pics of that moment of her shoes,clothes in the picture on ebay, along with that photo that's her on ebay...talked to everyone for a little while...people went through and checked like crazy. everyone was freaking out. she's raising money for art school now as she's graduating. cashing in pretty much.
Meanwhile, if you'd like to own a piece of meme history, Boxxy's Inayusha bag is going for OVER $20,000 right now on eBay.
A simple shoulder-pack for any InuYasha fan! It's in mint condition and has never been used before. Very appropriate for school, it has multiple little pockets and cubby-holes for pencils and folders. The InuYasha logo is on the front and just under it is InuYasha himself. This is a useful collectors item that any InuYasha fan must have. Bonus!!!!!!!!!!!!! Autographed Photo of Boxxy with the bag!!!!
Have at it, nerds! Send the girl to college.