Maru has been leaping into boxes (and hearts?) for over two years, racking up more than 70 million YouTube views with his signature container-spelunking techniques. He's fresh off a recent victory as the Internet's Favorite Feline and pretty much wrote the rules for pet virality along the way. But what happens when Owner/Human provides Maru with smaller and smaller boxes in which to pounce? Who wins the stubborn battle of dignity vs. dexterity? We win. Check out Maru's latest super viral video hit and a play-by-play of key highlights below (but mainly just watch the video).


Round #1: Our hero bounds into the stadium with the confidence and ease of a matador who recently surpassed his 1,000 bullfight without yet breaking a sweat. After the box has been bested, Maru flips his tail to indicate mild annoyance and disappointment in Owner for failing to present a real challenge.

Box #2: Maru's initial response - "this box is obvs too small for me to chill in" - is accompanied by some absent-minded scratching as he ponders the next move. This is where most cats would abort, and leave the scene with dignity intact; Maru flips his ears backwards (not unlike Sly Stallone's famous cap twist in Over The Top) and attacks with a swift duck and swirl technique. The judges confer and unanimously agree that "face in" counts.

Box #3: Owner is playing mind games. This is a box LID. Maru is not impressed.

Box #4: Finally a worthy adversary. A long and protracted battle that must be watched.