rage guy1. Anarchic imageboard and meme-factory 4chan creates wildly popular "Rage Guy" comic meme.

2. Retailer Hot Topic co-opts meme to sell t-shirts.

3. 4chan plans to turn Rage Guy into a racist character by creating racially-insensitive comics to scare off Hot Topic.

4. Hot Topic admits defeat on Facebook and claims to discontinue Rage Guy shirt.

5. 4chan pats themselves on the back for a successful troll.

6. Hot Topic says "Haha, just kidding." We reverse-trolled you! Problem, /b/?

I created a ragetoon comic that illustrates what happened. Check it out after the jump, along with the "Haha, no guys, we trolled yall" update from Hot Topic.

Hot Topic refuses to cave to bad people. Last night, they posted these two updates, declaring that they were wise to 4chan's tricks and linking people to proof of the newly contrived racist iteration of Rage Guy (aka 'Race Guy') on Know Your Meme.

And now, an artistic dramatization: