taylor swift surprisedTaylor Swift is America's sweetheart. The pop-country-crossover sensation has basically made more money than anyone else in an industry that is clawing onto every last penny. She's won, like, every award ever, and publicly became the global "victim" at the hands of one very rude rapper on live TV, which fed both the voracious 24-hour "news" cycle and the beast that is the internet.

I'm not necessarily a detractor, but I've personally always felt that she writes age-inappropriate songs that are mediocre at best, and has a less-than-stellar voice (with America's apologies to Stevie Nicks). Nevertheless, she's racked up Grammys, People's Choice Awards, AMA's, CMA's, VMA's and UMA's (the UMA is the award given to you by Uma Thurman if she likes your shoes). But mostly it's her consistent "Who, me?" attitude that turns me off.

So how is it that she still remains visibly shocked -- SHOCKED! -- every time she wins a prize or is showered in praise? FourFour's Rich Juzwiak and The Fab Life's Kate Spencer orchestrated a supercut that questions whether Taylor is genuinely surprised, a gifted actress, or if, as Rich puts it, "[just has] terrible short-term memory."