Epic Meal TimeBetween This Is Why You're Fat and KFC's Double Down, it's no secret that the internet loves outrageous food, so it should come as no surprise that a couple of dudes have made a YouTube channel where they try to make the grossest, most delicious things their imaginations can conjure up.

What you might not expect is that they're actually funny. Like, real funny, not internet "funny." And somehow despite their gluttony, aviators, and apparent love for gaming, they manage to hang out with babish chicks. It's like every 14 year old's dream scenario.

In one video they make the world's most elaborate corn dog by taking ground beef, bacon, and hot dogs, covering them in cheese and corn meal, and deep frying it into one colossal food phallus. Oh, and then they take the bacon grease and make mayonnaise out of it and have their hot friend eat the whole thing while drinking a beer. According to their calculations, it had 5,826 calories and 747 grams of fat -- so hopefully they have a stockpile of camera-friendly friends somewhere, because this girl might actually be dead by now.

Check out their videos after the jump.

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