bush vs. kanyeOne of the juiciest bits in George W. Bush's memoir, Decision Points, is that being called a racist by Kanye West was one of the worst moments of his presidency. The Today Show hosted interviews with both Bush and Kanye, and it was a total drama-fest, so it's no surprise that the whole thing has been spun into an Auto-Tune the News remix.

This is the catchiest bit Auto-Tune the News has done in a while -- their Jimmy McMillan remix was too little too late, especially when McMillan's own songs are already awesome enough. In fact, I'd venture to say that the whole Today Show feud was dragged out a lot further than it needed to be, and I wish all seventeen bazillion segments and replays of it had been condensed into this remix and a couple of angry Kanye tweets.

Also, Auto-Tune the News picked the absolute best Bush moments for this song: "I'm not a hater" and the part where Bush calls Kanye "Conway" are both pretty amazing.

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