Robert Pattinson, famous for his roles in Twilight, Harry Potter and every 14 year-old girl's dreams, is now a meme. A pic of a shirtless RPattz sporting swim trunks and jumping around with his arms in the air has been photoshopped into all kinds of situations. The F*** Yeah Jumping Rob Tumblr showcases all of the main situations where Jumping Rob is appropriate: midair, with other shirtless dudes, or in a group dance scene.

Much like Sad Keanu, Strutting Leo or Prancing Cera, you don't have to like the celebrity to play the game. In fact, a lot of the Jumping Rob pics are more mocking than adoring, casting Rpattz as a bare-chested creeper who lurks in the background of various movies and shows, and stalks Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. Whether you love this guy or hate him, Jumping Rob will probably give you something to LOL at.

Jumping Rob With the U.S. Men's Swimming Team

jumping rob pattinson with us mens swim team

Jumping iRob

jumping rob pattinson ipod parody

Jumping Rob and Prancing Cera (MEME COMBO BONUS!)

jumping rob pattinson meets prancing michael cera

Jumping Rob and Batman

jumping rob pattinson with batman

Jumping Rob Flees From an Obsessed Fan

jumping robert pattinson flees obsessed fan