page 3 girl rosie spoofing old spice guyThe Old Spice Guy meme, like Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa himself, is tough and resilient. Months after Isaiah's YouTube campaign reached its glorious end, new Old Spice spoofs continue to pop up, and the latest comes from the topless Page 3 models of British tabloid The Sun. Remember the Old Spice catchphrase "The man your man could smell like?" Well, Page 3's Rosie is "the woman you'd love your woman to be like."

As with most things involving the phrase "topless models," this spoof is probably NSFW (although there's no actual nudity).

This parody hits 90% of the phrases in the Old Spice meme, including "now back to me," "I'm on a horse," and "the tickets are now diamonds." It's just one swan dive short of perfection. Although we can all agree that Isaiah Mustafa is a fine specimen of a man, who brings a lot to the table, he doesn't have Rosie's accent. Or those coconuts. Check out the video below while I snicker like a 6th-grader. Heh heh, coconuts.

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