family feudDid you know Family Feud was still on TV? Well, it is. Remember when Louie Anderson hosted it in, like, 1975 or something? Well, boy, times have changed. Not only is the show now hosted -- brilliantly, might I add -- by Steve Harvey, but one clip has already gone viral (you know, the one where a contestant said what we were all thinking, and it was funny because we were all thinking "penis").

Well, let's kick into Phase 2, as the game show's producers extracted another silly answer from another insipid question. What is something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house? Good question, Family Feud producers! Viable answers might involve cops or guard dogs or ghosts or dinosaurs or something who cares whatever blah blah blah

Not only does Rod shout out something NO HUMAN BEING might imagine seeing upon breaking into one's home, but among those polled for answers, most people agree with him. Kind of. Not really.

Behind Wheel of Fortune, it looks like we may have a new source of viral game show material. I mean, whatever -- we report, you decide.

The Original Family Feud Slip-up