david thorne book the internet is a playgroundI guess it shouldn't be a surprise when a professional internet troll turns out to be a jerk, but web comedy writer David Thorne (known for trying to pay his bills with a drawing of a 7-legged spider) gave some of his fans a rude awakening this week when one of his staffers put their addresses online.

The fans had taken to Reddit to complain that their orders for Thorne's book, The Internet Is a Playground, had gone unfilled for weeks or even months with no response from the author. One of Thorne's employees responded on Reddit by posting the addresses from their book orders and refusing to delete them until they took their complaints down.

Of course, Reddit admins don't take kindly to the posting of users' information, so they removed the's posts anyway, and the complaints still stand. Thorne and someone named Kimberly, who apparently works for him, both deleted their Reddit accounts. Thorne reportedly threw away an impressive karma score -- the measure of one's contributions to the Reddit community -- of over 10,000, just to escape from the criticism and downvotes.

Then Thorne posted a non-apology to Reddit on his site, which, before you can finish reading it, turns into a Rickroll video. Timely! Some Reddit users say he's lying and they've been emailing for months with no response.

In the past, Thorne has used Reddit to get his pranks out on the internet. After he revealed he was behind a fake McDonald's memo about intentionally "forgetting" drive-thru orders to save money, he told news.com.au that "the fastest and easiest way to feed anything, true or stupid, to the internet machine is through Reddit." It looks like he may have just lost that outlet, because many Redditors have pledged not to read or promote Thorne's site, 27bslash6, anymore.