The final phase of Operation Overlord, 4chan's loosely-orchestrated effort to bring down Tumblr, is on. And this time they're bringing their LOIC's. LOIC stands for Lower Orbit Ion Cannon, the nickname of a program that will DoS (Denial of Service) attack a targeted site.

After the jump, the full poster explaining the upcoming raid.

[UPDATE: 4chan and Tumblr both took each other offline Sunday evening during a double raid, and a 4channer posted the address of Tumblr founder David Karp's parents.]

A commenter from my last post wrote:

LOIC is INSANELY easy to block (for the most part) - speaking as an engineer. I'm guessing that any venture-backed firm like Tumblr has something in place (Netscaler/BigIP) that can filter this crap.
Meanwhile, Tumblr is planning a reverse raid:

Raiding 4chan? Like one /b/ user says, "Isn't that like pissing into an ocean of piss? What's the point?"

Stay tuned for a post describing the "What Is Air" Tumblr-born meme referenced above, along with more info as this feud goes down. [UPDATE: "What is air?" explained.]