woman being groped by TSAThere's been a lot of discussion on Reddit about the Transportation Security Administration's new full-body scans and invasive physical searches, and the consensus seems to be that this nonsense is not going to fly -- and neither are many Redditors, apparently. Many are saying they won't fly until the TSA's policy of groping the private parts of anyone who opts out of a body scan is revoked.

One popular thread is collecting money for a full-page ad opposing the measures in the Sunday edition of the New York Times (which currently lists at $150,000 and $200,000, although it's possible Reddit could negotiate a lower rate).

The concept of the New York Times ad emerged in response to a flight attendants' union whose members are against the "invasive patdown" procedures the TSA has put in place. Turns out flight attendants don't like being groped any more than regular passengers do, and they have to go through it a lot more often. Ideas for anti-patdown ad copy are being formulated on a new Reddit page called OperationGrabAss, where the description is "Reddit community coming together to publicize current failures in TSA's Pat Down Procedures. All are welcome!"

Reddit's power to organize shouldn't be underestimated, considering that they've now helped raise over $500,000 for classrooms through DonorsChoose and (arguably) incited Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's big Washington, DC rally. When a cohesive internet community puts its hive mind to something, it's likely to get results. Running the ad isn't the hard part, though. The real challenge is getting lawmakers and security agencies to act on the message.

For another perspective, check out the AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread where a TSA supervisor is anonymously answering Reddit's questions about airport security.