When baby Embry acts like a little monster, his mom puts on Florence and the Machine's uber-catchy indie pop hit 'Dog Days Are Over,' and he immediately turns that frown upside down.

Embry transforms from grumpy to calm when the song starts, and he's in a full-on baby dance freakout by the time the handclapping chorus kicks in. Just don't turn the music down or let the song end, because that sends the baby back into a tiny little fit.

If you were having a bad day, that's all over now. Sometimes all it takes is a catchy song (and maybe a patient and understanding mom). I hope someone has shown this to Florence and the Machine, because it's a pretty solid endorsement for their music.

Also, this Embry kid needs to get an agent, so he can lock down his spot on season 25 of Dancing With The Stars.

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