cee lo green performs on the colbert reportUnless you've been living in a hermetically-sealed R&B-proof containment chamber for the past 3 months, you're familiar with Cee-Lo Green's smash hit, "F**k You." When Cee-Lo appeared on Stephen Colbert's show, though, Colbert asked him to change the lyrics to something more wholesome, like, I don't know ... Fox News?

Cee-Lo's TV performances obviously have to leave out the F-bomb, but this appearance gets top marks for the most creative replacement lyrics. After Cee-Lo rejected Colbert's other joking suggestions for clean lyrics ("Beef Stew" and "Kung Fu"), he had to get a little help with the "Fox News" lyrics from a Colbert cheat sheet, but he totally pulled it off. "The poor get poorer / the rich get richer / ain't that some shhhh? / I'm having pains in my chest / because I'm so stressed from the Fox News."

The audience was also treated to an uncensored, full-length performance of "F**k You", which is now online at ColbertNation.com. It's a solid live version, featuring an awesome all-female backing band, but nothing will ever top Cee-Lo's two classic music videos for the song.

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