Antoine Dodson, of Bed Intruder Song fame, made his first late night talk show appearance earlier this week. While we're disappointed it was only Lopez Tonight, we're proud that Antoine is still conducting himself with the utmost dignity and respect. It's easy to become a joke when you're a meme, but Mr. Dodson is staying true to himself and his message. Rocking fabulous fur-lined boots and straightened hair, Antoine announced his next single 'Stupid (You So Dumb),' produced by his sister.

We don't know what the single will sound like, but we do know the following after watching this interview: Antoine Dodson lives for Gucci, the Bed Intruder Song was #1 in Sweden, and someone submitted Antoine and the Gregory Brothers for a Grammy. Although it would have been cool if he had saved his first late night appearance for Conan O'Brien's new show, instead of subjecting himself to George Lopez's clunky interview style, Antoine pretty much knocked this one out of the park.

Also: new slang alert! Watch for Antoine's "I live!" and "breakin' it up."