Back in August, Album Tacos taught us about the subtle LOL value of a well-photoshopped food item on an iconic album cover. Like everyone else, I clicked, I browsed, and I chuckled -- 'cause come on, who doesn't want to see the Nirvana baby go after a corn shell and seasoned beef?

And then in October my co-writer Jay noted that yes, Album Nachos were funny too, and that was fine.

But now it's November and months, MONTHS, have gone by since the birth and semi-instantaneous ebb of the meme (which is decades in internet time), so I'm wondering why the Dallas Observer has chosen now to try and revive it by creating Album Corndogs.

Timing aside, they hired their "resident art dude" to do all of the covers, so they're actually good 'shops, but come on man. In the words of Feist: let it die.