Professional comics artist Leigh Gallagher decided that the time had come to propose to his girlfriend Niki, despite the trials and tribulations of the freelance art lifestyle he'd dragged her through. And what better way to do that than in a comic? Leigh's got 15 very romantic and funny-in-a-cute way panels of marriage proposal up on his blog, detailing his life with Niki and all of the things he loves about her, ending with an action shot where he produces the ring.

This could be totally cheesy, but Leigh's words and pictures are so sincere and self-effacing that you have to love it. Plus, you know you'd pull the same thing if you could draw as well as he could. It's much more personal than some of the super-showy (possibly even fake) proposals we've covered here on Urlesque. So well done, Leigh! We wish you the best!

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